Causes of Lingual Tonsillitis: Home Remedies to Treat It Naturally

Tonsils are part of the lymphatic tissue and are located …

Severe Itching All Over Body: Causes of Severe Itching & Rash on Body

Itching is often a symptom of a skin disorder or …

Benefits and Effects of Coconut Oil on Hair: How to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil on hair have very good effects, coconut oil protein gives nutrition to hair thus it's helpful for hair fall problem. What are the benefits and how to use coconut oil on hair?

Natural Tinnitus Relief: Home Remedies and Treatment For Tinnitus

What is tinnitus? When person can hear buzzing or ringing sound in ear it is called Tinnitus. It can caused by vitamin deficiency, Natural tinnitus treatment would be supplements with vitamin C, A, and B.

Low Vitamin D Symptoms: Causes, Effects and Treatment for Low Vit D

When there is deficiency of vitamin D in body, person may experience symptoms like loss of appetite, increased fecal loss and Obesity. Treatment and tips to increase vitamin D levels in body.

Hair Vitamins for Men: Vitamins and Nutrition for Healthy Hair Growth

Vitamins are essential for maintaining healthy and strong hair in men and women both. Vitamin C and E are important vitamins for healthy hair. Vitamin B is useful for luxuriant hair.

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects: Dangers and Risks of HGH

HGH stands for human growth hormone; it is basically produced in brain by pituitary gland. Side effects are excessive growth bones and tissues, heart enlargement, pain in joints and feet edema.

Probiotic Acidophilus Side Effects: Adverse Effects, Risks and Dangers

When there are serious medical conditions then probiotic acidophilus side effects can occur in some cases, common adverse effects are cardiac problems, burning sensation in vaginal area.

Upper Back Muscle Spasms: Causes And Treatment For Back Muscle Pain

There are various causes of muscle spasms in upper back of the body, most common reasons are sleeping in wrong posture, deficiency of vitamins, arthritis, vigorous exercises. Treatment for upper back muscle spasms pain relief.

Insulin Resistance Symptoms: Diet, Treatment and Precautions

Insulin is produced by pancreas, it basically delivers glucose to cell for its proper functions. When it does not function properly and fails to carry glucose, the condition is called as insulin resistance. Diet, treatment and necessary precautions for insulin resistance.