Symptoms of Abrasion Skin Infection | Signs of Wound Infection

Signs of abrasion on skin are - hot and burning sensation on the wound area, slight body fever, reddish skin. Other symptoms of wound include bleeding and itchiness.

Causes of Abrasion on Skin | What Causes Abrasion Infection

Skin abrasion causes are - grinding and rubbing on a person's skin, due to an accident. Other cause of abrasion injury can be playing rough sport and skin scratching.

Abrasion Control and Prevention | Skin Wounds Tips to Avoid and Control

For preventing getting skin abrasion or wound during activities; wear protective gears like knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and take antihistamine to prevent skin itching.

Skin Wound Remedies and Care | Skin Abrasion Natural Treatments

Skin abrasion remedies include application of homemade disinfectant made using herbs and essential oils. For fast skin wound healing , apply natural aloe vera gel on the affected part.

Healing Skin Wound | Heal Skin Abrasions | Skin Wound Diet

To heal skin wounds quickly intake of peanuts, lean beef, sunflower seeds is good. Vitamin E rich foods are also good for faster healing of abrasion on skin.