What Causes Athletes Foot | Causes of Athletes Foot Fungal Infection

Causes of athletes foot are

Symptoms of Athletes Foot Fungal Infection or Tinea Pedis

Athletes foot symptoms also depend on type of tinea pedis. Athlete's foot signs include itchiness, sodden skin, scaly skin between the toes, deep cracks development.

Prevent Athletes Foot | Prevention of Tinea Pedis Infection

For preventing athlete's foot fungal infection, careful hygiene should be maintained in shower rooms, athletic clubs, or swimming pools and wearing slippers in moist places.

Natural Remedies for Athletes Foot | Treatment for Tinea Pedis

To cure athletes foot, soaking feet in a solution of potassium permanganate. Application of hot compress is also a good method for treating athletes foot fungal infection.

Diet for Athletes Foot Treatment | Foods for Athletes Foot

To treat athletes food, diet should consists of fruits, vegetables rich in Vitamin C with antibiotic properties. High protein food is also good for athletes food cure.