Signs of Backache: Home Remedies For Reducing Painful Back Problem

Signs of lumbago are stiffness felt along the spine, pain around the waist and hips, persistent aching. Other indications are mood swings, anxiety or depression.

Preventing of Backache or Lumbago | How to Prevent Back Ache

For prevention of back ache problem; perform exercises like back arch, side stretch, hamstring stretch. To avoid lumbago; use elastic back support and restrict fatty foods.

Backache, Lumbago Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Back Ache

Diet for treating backache problem should contain four light meals every day, fruit and vegetables. Foods for backache cure should be rich in vitamin C and proteins.

Causes of Backache, Lumbago Problem | Reasons of Back Ache

Causes of back ache are weak back and abdominal muscles, excessive physical labor, wrong post, influenza, lack postures: Causes of back pain for Upper Back, Middle Back, Lower Back, Women and hip pain are explained.