What Is Blue Waffle Infection And What Are Its Causes And Remedies

You may not find a term called “blue waffle infection” …

Causes of Inflamed Vagina or Vaginitis and Its Right Treatment

Vaginitis is the medical term for a vagina that has …

Bacterial Vaginosis Causes | What Causes Bacterial Vagina Infection

Causes of bacterial vaginitis include poor hygiene and sexually transmitted diseases. Other reasons of bacteria in vagina are aging and polygamous relationships.

Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms | Signs of Bacterial Vagina Infection

Symptoms of bacterial vaginitis are white cheese-like discharge clinging to the epithelium. Signs of bacterial vaginosis are itching and edema in vulvar area.

Bacterial Vaginosis Diet | Vitamins for Bacterial Vagina Infection

Foods for bacterial vaginitis cure should be Vitamin C rich and high antioxidant properties. Diet for bacterial vagina infection must be less in high glucose-sugar.