Causes of Bed Sores | What Causes Pressure Sores

Reasons for bed sores disease are sustained pressure on areas of the body, friction. Other cause for pressure sore is injury, paralysis, or illness due to which people are immobilized.

Bed Sores Disease Symptoms | Signs of Pressure Sore Ailment

Symptoms of pressure sores disease are skin discoloration, lesions or tearing of the skin, especially on bony areas. Other indications are bad odor, skin moistness.

Preventing Bed Sores Disease | How to Prevent Pressure Sores

For prevention of bed sores; avoid continuous pressure on just one area of the body by regularly changing positions. For preventing; skin should be kept dry and clean.

Natural Remedies For Bed Sores: Aloe Vera & Honey For Bedsore Treatment

To get rid of bed sores; home remedies like application of aloe vera or pure wheat germ oil is effective. To treat pressure sores; apply calendula or turmeric root is beneficial.

Bed Sores Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Pressure Sores

Healthy diet for bed sore prevention should contain high-protein foods like peanut butter, cottage cheese, custards. Other nutrition required is pureed goods and soups.