What Causes Bruising on Skin | Causes of Skin Bruise Infection

Bruising causes due to accidents forming purple or blue-blackish stain on skin. Bruise is caused mainly to athletes and weight lifters who often stretch and teat blood vessels.

Bruise Symptoms | Bruised Skin Symptoms | Signs of Skin Bruising

Bruising symptoms; are reddish marks which later forms blue-blackish or purple marks after the injury. Upon bruise healing process the marks fade with greening or yellowish color.

Bruise Prevention | Avoid Bruising on Skin | Control Skin Bruises

To prevent bruises from occurring, always wear protective gearing during biking, and skateboarding. For preventing bruises such as bumps or scrapes you need to be careful.

Natural Remedies for Bruises | How to Treat and Heal Bruise

For treating bruises faster, applying margarine spread is effective. Natural treatment for bruising also includes application of cayenne pepper and melted vaseline.

Skin Bruise Healing Diet Tips | Vitamin C for Bruising Treatment

To avoid excessive bruising; intake of Vitamin C and K is good. To heal bruise discoloration faster; consume alfalfa tablets, fruits with vitamin C, and stewed cabbage.