What are the Ingredients of Chickenpox Vaccine and Its Side Effects

Chicken pox is a highly contagious disease that is caused …

Symptoms of Chicken Pox Infection | Signs of Chicken Pox Disease

Chicken pox symptoms start with lesion becoming red papule mark developing into clear vesicle. Other chicken pox sign is that the blister does not appear at once.

Chicken Pox Disease Prevention | How to Prevent and Avoid Chicken Pox

For preventing chicken pox disease, vitamin C and calcium intake is must to strengthen the immune system. Varicella vaccine is used to prevent chicken pox infection.

Chicken Pox Natural Remedies | How to Treat and Cure Chicken Pox

Treatments to get rid of chicken pox infection include use of herbs such as St. John's wort oil, Pau d' Arco, and goldenseal. Treat chicken pox by eating hard-boiled eggs.

Chicken Pox Diet Treatment | Foods to Cure Chicken Pox Disease

Diet for chicken pox healing should include fresh fruit juices and vegetables for boosting the immune system and avoiding foods such as red meat, fried foods.