Prevention of Cholera Disease | How to Prevent Cholera Infection Spread

For preventing cholera spread, boiled water should be taken which kills the bacteria. To prevent cholera infection, avoid travelling to places where there is an outbreak.

Natural Remedies for Cholera Disease | Home Cures for Cholera Infection

To cure and get rid of cholera disease, always keep the body hydrated and drink lime juice regularly. Juice of cucumber is also beneficial treatment of cholera.

Cholera Patient Diet | Foods to Cure Cholera Disease

Diet for cholera treatment should minimize effects of dehydration. To treat cholera, juices should be given in small quantity to avoid vomiting by the patient.

Causes of Cholera Disease | What Causes Spread of Cholera Infection

Cholera causes due to drinking contaminated water and human to human transmission. Other reasons of cholera spread are bacteria entering into the body through open wounds.

Symptoms of Cholera Infection | What are Signs of Cholera Disease

Cholera infection symptoms in stage 1 are watery diarrhea, vomiting, muscle cramps. During stage 2 and 3, signs observed are thirst and dehydration, sunken eyes and kidney failure.