Cold Sore On Chin: What Are Its Causes And Natural Remedies?

Cold sores on the face are characterized by red patched …

How to Treat Cold Sores or Fluid Filled Blisters on Lips?

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Causes of Cold Sores | Frequent Cold Sores Infection Causes

Cold sore causes due to herpes simplex virus of type I. Recurring cold sore causes when infected person gets the virus in the system. Excess sunlight is also a reason.

Preventing Cold Sores | Prevent and Avoid Cold Sore Infection

Prevention of cold sore infection can be best done by avoiding the triggering factor. Other ways to control cold sore are using SPF 15 lotions, wearing sun block.

Natural Home Remedy for Cold Sores | Natural Treatments for Cold Sores

Natural cure for cold sore includes use of garlic clove for fast healing and relief. To treat cold sores, cold compress and putting fine salt on the blister.

Diet for Cold Sore Relief | Vitamins and Foods to Cure Cold Sores

To get rid of cold sores, yogurt is very effective as it also helps to prevent recurrence. Foods for cold sore treatment should not include peanuts and chocolates.