Causes of Colitis | Infectious, Ischemic, Chemical Colitis Causes

Infectious colitis causes due to bacteria that cause food poisoning like salmonella, E. coli. Cause of Ischemic colitis can be twisting of bowels or due to volvulus.

Symptoms of Colitis | Signs of Microscopic, Infectious, Ischemic Colitis

Symptoms of infectious and ischemic colitis are fever and chills. Microscopic colitis signs can be watery diarrhea. Colitis sign is the need to constantly move bowel.

Prevent Colitis | Preventing Infectious and Ischemic Colitis

For prevention of infectious colitis, strict sanitation measures are must. To avoid ischemic colitis, healthy diet habit is required to keep low cholesterol and health heart.

Natural Cures, Treatments for Colitis | Natural Remedies for Colitis

Home remedy for colitis includes garlic and Asian ginseng which helps to improve digestive system health. To treat colitis; cabbage, papaya, peppermint are also effective.

Diet to Cure and Prevent Colitis | Foods for Healing Colitis

Foods for ulcerative colitis treatment should include