What Causes Fever | Common Causes of Fever or High Temperature

Common fever causes can be sunstroke, fatigue, over-exertion and staying out in rain too long. Improper health care and unhygienic condition is also a cause of fever.

Symptoms of Fever or High Body Temperature | Signs of Fever

Common fever symptoms are

Prevention of Fever | How to Prevent, Stop and Avoid Fever

For preventing fever rise in the body, avoid contact with people who have ailments like chicken pox, measles. To avoid getting fever do not overexert yourself.

Natural Home Remedies for Fever | Natural Treatment to Cure Fever

Natural cure for fever include intake of boiled basil leaves in water or raisins in water. Herbal remedy for fever is intake of saffron tea mixed with water.

Healthy Diet for Fever Treatment | Foods to Eat during Fever

Fever diet should be soft and easily digestible like soft boiled eggs, steamed vegetables, yogurt. Foods to avoid during fever are