Natural Remedy For Conjunctivitis In Children: Home Cures For Pink Eye

Pink eye or Conjunctivitis is a fairly common condition, wherein …

Prevent Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye Infection | Avoid Conjunctivitis

For preventing conjunctivitis, keep house free from elements causing the ailment. For pink eye prevention, keep hands clean with the use of hand sanitizers.

Natural Remedies for Conjunctivitis | Natural Treatments for Pink Eye

Natural cure for conjunctivitis includes use of potato on infected eye. To treat pink eye, wash eyes with cooled fennel tea which makes the healing process faster.

Diet for Conjunctivitis Eye Infection | Foods for Pink Eye Cure

Diet supplement to treat pink eye is beta carotene which helps in eye health. Foods to heal conjunctivitis should be rich in Vitamin A and B2 which includes yogurt and milk.

Conjunctivitis Causes | What Causes Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis Infection

Causes of conjunctivitis include