What Causes Corns on Feet | Corns Skin Infection Causes

Causes of corns on feet can be wearing tight shoes or walking style. Other reasons of corn skin infection are deformities in feet like hammer toe which promotes it.

Symptoms of Corns on Feet | Signs of Corns on Foot

Corns on feet symptoms include

Preventing Corns on Feet | How to Prevent Corns on Foot

For prevention of corns on feet, wear comfortable and well-fitting socks. To avoid getting corns on foot comfortable fitting shoes and felt pads should be used.

Diet for Foot Corns Treatment | Foods to Cure Corns on Feet

Foot corn diet should be healthy and free of toxins. Foods to heal corns should be high in vitamin A, B complex, and C with exclusion of greasy and junk foods.