Causes and Cures to Treat Dark Underarms and Upper Lip

The skin tone is attributed to a pigment called melanin, …

Dark Armpit Causes | What Causes Dark Underarm Skin Spots

Causes of underarm skin darkening are wearing clothes which are tight in the armpit area. Frequent shaving, using hair removal cream also causes dark armpit.

Symptoms of Dark Armpit Skin | Signs of Underarm Dark Spots

Dark underarm spot symptoms are, itchiness in the region, constant scratching of the area resulting in discoloration. Excess sweating is a sign of dark armpit skin.

Preventing Dark Underarm Skin | Prevent Dark Skin on Armpit

For prevention of dark armpit skin, avoid shaving or underarm hair removal creams as they cause darkening of skin. Keep underarms clean and avoid wearing tight clothes.

Home Remedies for Dark Underarm Skin | Natural Cure for Dark Armpit

Natural treatments to get rid of dark underarm skin can be done with the use of lemon and baking soda. Potato juice is also good solution to treat and whiten armpit.

Dark Armpit Skin Diet Treatment | Underarm Skin Darkening Diet

Foods for treating dark armpit skin should be well balanced consisting of vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes, and whole wheat products with high amount of Vitamin C.