Causes of Defective Vision | What Causes Defective Eyesight

Defect vision causes due to eye strain resulting from physical activity. Causes of defect eye sight are continuously working on a computer, reading while travelling.

Symptoms of Defective Vision | Signs of Defected Eye Sight

Symptoms of defective eye sight are far-sightedness or myopia which shows exactly opposite characteristics. Color blindness is also a sign of defect vision.

Preventing Defective Vision: Measures To Prevent Defect In Eye Sight

To avoid eye defect, read in proper lighting which helps in preventing strain on eyes. Avoid sitting in front of the computer for prolonged periods for good eye vision.

Natural Treatment for Defective Vision | Eye Problems Remedy, Cures

Natural cure for defect vision is splashing cool water on closed eye lids. To treat eye defect drink mixture of juice of carrot, celery, parsley, and chicory.

Diet for Defective Eye Vision | Vitamins for Improving Eyesight

For good eye sight diet should be rich in Vitamin A, E and C. Foods rich in beta carotene such as carrots, oranges are also good for treating defected eye vision.