What To Do When Feeling Light Headed And Dizzy: Causes And Symptoms

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Sudden Dizzy Spells Symptoms: Dizziness And Nausea Home Remedies

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Causes of Dizziness Condition | What Causes Dizzy Feeling

Reasons for dizzy feeling are anxiety or depression, anemia. Other causes of dizzy conditions are poor blood circulation, general body weakness, medication intake.

Symptoms of Dizziness Condition | Signs of Dizzy Problem

Symptoms of dizzy feeling are blurred or double vision, experiencing distracting sounds and sound distortion. Dizziness indications are nausea, air pressure and wind current.

Preventing Dizziness Condition | How to Prevent Dizzy Feeling

For prevention of dizziness condition; avoid reading in the moving platform, perform relaxation techniques. To control dizziness; allow complete relaxation to the eyes.

Diet for Dizziness Problem | Foods to Avoid Dizzy Condition

Diet for dizzy spells prevention must be rich in vitamin C and protein. Foods to avoid dizziness are high sugar and carbohydrate. To prevent dizziness; take moderate meals.