Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil for Ear Infection and Its Facts

Ear Infection Causes

  • Due to liquid becoming trapped in the

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Infected Ear Symptoms: Home Remedies & Signs of Ear Infection

Symptoms of ear infection are irritability in ears, difficulty in sleeping, fluid draining from both the ears, loss of balance. Indications are dizziness and fever.

How to Prevent Ear Infection | Preventing Infected Ear Problem

Prevention of infection in ear can be done by cleaning the ear using ear dryer, avoiding swimming in polluted areas, refraining from ear exposure while hair wash.

Natural Remedies for Ear Infection | Natural Cures for Infected Ear

Natural treatments for infection in ear are vinegar and alcohol mixture for cleaning the ear which helps to remove blocking agents such as wax or pus from the ear.

Diet for Ear Infection Problem | Foods to Cure Infected Ear

Infected ear diet should consist of fish oil and omega 3 fats. Ginger tea, garlic mixed with yogurt or honey and turmeric are also effective for infection in ear.