Earache Causes & Treatment: How To Treat Otalgia (Ear Pain)

Ear pain causes due to sore throat, trauma, or fungus growth in the ear. Other causes of ear ache are bacterial infection, insect presence or nose infection.

Symptoms of Ear Ache | Signs of Ear Pain | Otalgia Symptoms

Ear pain symptoms are difficulty in sleeping due to persistent pain, tickling sensation in ear. Other earache indications are loss of balance while climbing or going down stairs.

Preventing Ear Ache | How to Prevent Ear Pain or Otalgia

For prevention of earache; take precaution from water entering the ear by wearing ear plugs or shower caps. To avoid ear pain; refrain from blowing nose hard.

Natural Treatment for Earache | Natural Cure for Ear Pain or Otalgia

To reduce ear pain; drop warm sesame oil or bishop's weed oil mixed with garlic or castor plant leaves into the ear. Earwax remedies include use of vinegar and alcohol.

Ear Ache Diet Treatment | Foods for Ear Pain or Otalgia Relief

Diet for earache must contain high Vitamin C quantity, fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods for ear ache must contain garlic and onion due to their decongesting properties.