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Causes of Freckles on Skin | What Causes Freckles Disease

Reasons of freckles on fair skinned individual's face are over exposure to sun, genetics. Other cause of freckle is xeroderma pigmentosum or neurofibromatosis disease.

Symptoms of Freckles Disease | Sunburn, Simple Freckles Signs

Signs of freckles are dark, reddish tan depending on the type. Sunburn freckles symptoms are darker and bigger ragged edges whereas simple freckles have smooth edges.

Preventing Freckles | Prevent and Control Freckles Skin Spots

For prevention of freckles; stay away from sun, wear protective clothing for preventing skin from sun. To avoid freckles; high SPF rating sun block cream must be used.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Freckles | Natural Cure for Freckles

Treatment of freckles can be done by applying horseradish vinegar and oatmeal on the freckled skin. For reducing freckles spots; apply sugar and lemon juice mixture.

Diet for Freckles Treatment | Vitamins, Nutrients for Freckles

Foods for freckles cure must be Vitamin A, B5, B complex and C rich. For healthy skin; diet rich in essential fatty acids present in flax seed oil is effective.