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Natural Remedies of Gout Disease | Natural Cure for Gout

Home treatments for gout are placing heated and wrapped tamarind leaves over the affected part. To get rid of gout; place ice and apply melted Epsom salt on the affected area.

Gout Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid, Eat For Gout Disease

For preventing and treating gout; reduce intake of foods rich in purine, include milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

Causes of Gout | Primary and Secondary Gout Causes

Reasons of primary gout are high to consumption of foods with high purine contents. Cause of secondary gout metabolic syndrome or difficulty in digesting purine rich foods.

Symptoms of Gout Disease | Signs of Gout Infection Problem

Common sign and symptom of gout ailment is sudden and excruciating pain affecting the area where joints appear, swollen joint and inflammation on the affected part.