What Does Fetal Hiccups Mean: Is It Dangerous And How To Stop It?

Just like fetal movement, fetal hiccups are observed during the …

Remedy For Continuous Hiccups: Causes And Getting Rid Of Hiccups

Hiccups is a characteristic sound ‘Hic’ produced when there is …

What Causes Hiccups | Reasons for Hiccups

Cause of hiccup can be eating too fast which results in swallowing of air along with the food causing hiccup attack. Other reasons have connection with drinking and eating.

Symptoms of Hiccups Problem | Signs of Hiccups

Indications of hiccups small perceptible tightening sensation in your chest, throat, or abdomen. Other indicators are related to a number of serious ailments like pneumonia.

Preventing Hiccups | How to Prevent, Avoid Hiccups

To control hiccups attack; pull your tongue with considerable force, hold your breath as long as it is comfortable, then swallow as soon as you feel hiccup coming on.

Natural Home Remedies For Hiccups: Exercises For Treating Hiccups

Treatment for hiccups is sucking a sugar cube or eating a spoonful of sugar. For treating hiccup attacks; anti-gravity attacks are said to be very effective.

Diet for Hiccups Treatment | Foods to Avoid Hiccups Problem

Foods for treating hiccups should contain yogurt with a pinch of salt which is a good anti-hiccup diet. Other nutritional foods are peanut butter which is also good for digestive system.