Brain Hematoma Symptoms: Causes, Treatment For Hematoma In The Brain

Hematoma is collection of blood and forming a clot in …

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Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure | Treating High BP

Natural treatments for high blood pressure are drink ginger tea regularly and chew onion or garlic. To cure high BP problem, consume boiled coriander leaves juice.

High Blood Pressure Diet Treatment | Foods to Control Blood Pressure

Foods for treating blood pressure should contain less amount of salt. Consume diet containing high amount of potassium and calcium and drink lot of fresh fruit juices.

Causes of High Blood Pressure | What Causes Essential or Secondary Hypertension

Causes of primary hypertension seems to have no identifiable cause and is hereditary. Reasons for secondary hypertension are sleep disturbances and pregnancy.

Preventing High Blood Pressure | How to Prevent High BP

For prevention of high blood pressure eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. To control blood pressure, refrain from eating oily foods and reduce intake of salt.