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Symptoms of Bad Heartburn and Its Home Remedies for Treatment

Bad Heartburn Symptoms

  • Heavy or sharp burning sensation in the

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Causes of Hyperacidity, Heartburn | Reasons for Acid Dyspepsia, Pyrosis

Causes of acid dyspepsia are anxiety, tension, pressure and worry which is due to saddled with heavy thoughts. Other reasons are eating meals at irregular intervals.

Hyper Acidity Symptoms | How To Treat Signs of Heartburn With Diet

Indications of hyperacidity are feeling of discomfort or pain in the upper abdomen a few hours after a meal. Heartburn indicators are feeling of decreased appetite.

Preventing Hyperacidity Problem | How to Prevent Heartburn

For prevention of hyperacidity; limit the intake of spicy foods and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. To avoid heartburn; smoking and alcohol consumption must be stopped.

Natural Remedy for Hyperacidity, Heartburn | Natural Treatment for Heartburn

Home cures for hyperacidity and heartburn are intake of bananas, watermelon, papaya or cucumber. For treating, regularly consume diluted buttermilk and pineapple juice.

Diet for Heartburn Treatment | Foods to Avoid Hyperacidity

Diet for preventing hyperacidity must contain less oil and fats. To avoid heartburn; refrain from eating foods that is not cooked properly as they require gastric juices to digesting.