Indigestion Causes | Reasons for Dyspepsia

Causes of indigestion are acid reflux and stomach ulcers. Other possible reasons are anti-inflammatory drugs, dysfunction of organs. In women indigestion can be due to menstrual cycle.

Preventing Indigestion | How to Prevent Indigestion | Dyspepsia Prevention

For prevention of indigestion, exercising or strenuous activities after meal should be stopped. To avoid dyspepsia, reduce alcohol consumption and cut down high acid containing foods.

Natural Remedies For Indigestion: How To Cure Dyspepsia (Upset Stomach)

Home cures for stomach indigestion are consuming juice made using lemon, mint and honey. To get rid of dyspepsia, massaging stomach with soya oil or garlic oil is effective.

Diet for Indigestion Treatment, Prevention | Foods Good for Dyspepsia

Foods to avoid stomach indigestion are acidic fruits such as citrus and carbonated drinks, coffee. Meal to prevent indigestion should be less fatty and oily.