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Leg Cramping Causes | What Causes Foot Cramps | Reasons of Leg Cramps

Causes of leg cramps are due to vitamin, mineral deficiencies. Blocked veins, dehydration, overweight also causes leg cramping. Age is a cause of nocturnal leg cramps.

Signs & Symptoms Of Leg Cramps: Home Remedies For Cramping In Legs

Signs of leg cramps are tightening of the muscles in the area of cramp. Leg or foot muscle cramping symptoms also include stretching and relaxing the strain on it.

Natural Remedies for Leg Cramps | Natural Cure for Foot Cramping

Home remedy for leg cramping is leg stretching for pain relief, flexing toes upward with heels firm on ground. To treat foot cramps; do essential oil massage.

Leg Cramping Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Leg Muscle Cramps

Diet for foot cramps cure should be rich. Foods to prevent leg muscle cramping are peas, nuts, beans and green vegetables with high potassium and magnesium content.