Home Treatments for Preventing General Body Weakness and Lethargy

How to Treat General Weakness at Home

General body weakness …

What Causes Lethargy Feeling | Causes of Lethargic Body

Reasons for lethargy feeling are thyroid problems like autoimmune thyroid diseases and hypothyroidism. Other causes of lethargic body can be psychological problems.

Symptoms of Lethargy Feeling | Signs of a Lethargic Body

Lethargic feeling symptoms are listlessness or looking out into the distance and constant daydreaming. Lethargy signs include malaise, fatigue, difficulty in focusing.

Preventing Lethargy | Prevention of Lethargic Body Feeling

To prevent constant lethargy feeling; exercise regularly and avoid alcohol consumption. To avoid lethargic and tired body; increase intake of fiber rich foods.

Natural Remedies for Lethargy | Natural Cure for Lethargic Feeling

Natural treatment for lethargy feeling is holy basil leaves tea intake, caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea. To treat lethargic body; citrus juices are effective.

Diet Treatment for Lethargic Body | Foods to Avoid Lethargic Feeling

Foods for lethargy feeling cure should be energy rich which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Diet for lethargic body prevention is bean sprouts and millets.