What Causes Leucorrhea in Women | Causes of White Vaginal Discharge

Causes of vaginal discharge are fungal, bacterial, or parasitic problems. Sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea or chlamydia also cause leucorrhea problem in women.

Symptoms of Leucorrhoea | Signs of Pelvic, Cervical Leucorrhoea

Infectious leucorrhoea symptoms are white thick itchy discharge. Signs of sexually transmitted leucorrhea are yellowish or greenish discharge with abdominal pain.

Preventing Leucorrhoea | How to Prevent and Avoid Leucorrhoea

For leucorrhoea prevention; keep body hydrated by drinking plenty of water, wear cotton undergarments, maintain good feminine hygiene and wash vaginal area properly.

Natural Remedy for Leucorrhoea | Natural Treatment for Leucorrhoea

Home remedies to cure leucorrhoea problem in women are rice water and coriander seeds. For treating leucorrhoea; walnut leaves, calendula and mango seeds are used.

Diet Treatment for Leucorrhoea | Foods to Avoid Leucorrhoea

Diet to cure leucorrhoea is banana dipped in ghee or clarified butter and cranberry juice. To prevent leucorrhoea; foods to avoid are greasy, spicy and sour foods.