What Are The Different Types Of Lice And Nits: How To Remove Them

There are three varieties of lice according to the area …

How to Use Affordable Home Treatment for Head Lice with Listerine

Head lice are tiny insects that thrive on the scalp. …

Head Louse Symptoms And Home Remedies: Get Rid Of Head Lice Naturally

Head lice affect the scalp and hair. Sometimes, they tend …

Healthy Diet for Head Lice | Foods to Prevent, Avoid Head Lice

Diet treatment for head lice should be vitamin and mineral rich. High-fiber foods and balanced intake of protein and carbohydrates is must for lice prevention.

Preventing Head Lice and Pubic Lice | How to Prevent and Avoid Lice

For prevention of head lice, do not sleep beside a person having the problem and maintain good scalp hygiene. To avoid pubic lice practise safe sex with partner.

Natural Treatments for Lice | Natural Remedy for Lice Removal

Home cure for head lice is hair wash with vinegar. To treat head lice, wipe the hair with onion juice. To get rid of head lice; apply garlic and lemon juice paste on scalp.