Low Blood Pressure Causes | Reasons for Hypotension or Low BP

Causes of hypotension are heart problems or endocrine problems. Other reasons of low BP are dehydration, blood loss due to cut or a gash, internal injuries and bleeding.

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms | Signs of Hypotension or Low BP

Signs of low blood pressure are dizziness or nausea, weakness or breathe shortness. Symptoms of hypotension are light headedness, chest pains, tiredness feeling.

Preventing Low Blood Pressure | Prevent Hypotension or Low BP

To avoid low blood pressure; eat healthy and balanced diet, exercise, and keep weight under control. For prevention of hypotension, stop overwork and worrying.

Natural Remedies for Low Blood Pressure: Signs & Cure For Hypotension

Natural treatment for hypotension is consumption of beet root juice. To treat low blood pressure, intake of almond paste or Epsom salt mixed with water is effective.

Hypotension (Low BP) Diet: Foods And Fruits For Low Blood Pressure

Diet to cure low blood pressure must include protein rich foods, vitamin B complex and vitamin C rich foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables grains and nuts are also effective.