Causes of Low Immune System | Weak Immunity System Causes

Reasons for weakened immunity system is nutrient deficiency, lack of rest, abusive use of body. Other reasons for lower immune levels are medical or surgical procedures.

Symptoms of Low Immune System Level | Signs of Weak Immunity System

Symptoms of weakened immune system are frequent fungal infections and allergic reactions. Signs of lower immunity levels are constant fatigue, tiredness, lethargy.

Preventing Low Immune System | Prevent Weak Immunity System

For prevention of weakened immunity system stop bad habits like alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking etc. To avoid lower immune level; do exercise and take healthy diet.

Natural Treatment For Low Immunity: How to Boost Immune System

Natural cure and home remedy for boosting immune system is intake of Echinacea root, chamomile leaves, peppermint leaves and water. Garlic clove is a good immune booster

Diet for Low Immune System | Foods to Boost Immunity Level

Vitamins for weak immune system are C and E. Foods for boosting immunity system should include omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene, Vitamin E, zinc and selenium.