Measles Symptoms | Signs of Hard Measles and German Measles

Early signs of rubeola measles are fever, weakness, lethargy conjunctivitis, and cough. German measles symptoms are red eyes, fatigue and low fever and rashes.

Preventing Measles Spread | How to Prevent Measles Disease

To control measles, immediate vaccination is must as it is a contagious disease which spreads by sneezing and coughing. MMR vaccine is used to avoid both the types of measles.

Natural Cure for Measles | Treatments for Measles Disease

For treating measles intake of honey, licorice, barley water mixed with sweet almond oil is effective. Home remedy for german measles is dried turmeric roots powder mixed with honey.

Diet, Vitamins for Measles Disease Treatment | Foods to Heal Measles

Balanced diet for measles cure is essential which should be rich in vitamins A, B complex, and C. Soft foods for measles include fruits, whole grain cereals, and bland soups.

What Causes Measles Ailment | How Measles Disease Spread

Measles virus spreads through contact when a person who is infected with it sneezes or coughs causing the virus to enter the system through eyes, nose or mouth.