Mumps Infection Causes: How Are Mumps Spread And Transmitted

Mumps is caused by the mumps virus and spreads through inhalation of an infected person's droplets spreading in air due to sneezing or coughing. Other reason is kissing.

Mumps Symptoms | Signs of Mumps Viral Infection

Common indications of mumps virus is swelling of salivary glands, fever followed by tiredness and headaches. Other indicators are muscle pains, joint stiffness.

Preventing Mumps | How to Prevent Mumps Virus Infection

For prevention of mumps viral spread, getting vaccinated your child at first and fourth year of age is must. To avoid mumps; stay away from infected person for as long as ten days.

Herbal Remedies For Mumps: Treatments for Mumps Virus Infection

To cure mumps viral infection, effective herbal remedies are seeds of fenugreek and asparagus. For treating mumps; ginger and mixture of powdered margosa leaves and turmeric is good.

Mumps Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Mumps Virus Infection

Foods to prevent mumps should be soft and can consist of runny oatmeal, rice porridge. Control intake of hard to digest products like meat and stick, citrus fruits.