What Causes Nausea After Running And How To Prevent It?

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Nausea Causes | Reasons for Nauseated Feeling

Causes of nauseous feeling include serious and not-so-serious illnesses like diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, pancreatitis. Other reason is equilibrium and balance getting affected.

Preventing Nausea | How to Prevent Being Nauseated

Prevention from getting nauseous due to motion sickness try to get place where you can feel calm. To avoid nausea, control intake of alcohol and take Dramamine over the counter.

Home Remedies For Nausea: Treatment For Nausea In Pregnancy

Natural cure for nauseated person is intake of cold water mixed with honey and apple cider vinegar. To treat nausea; tea made using chamomile and peppermint is effective.

Nausea Diet & Foods: Drinks, Herbs and Spice For Nauseating Feeling

Foods for nauseated person should not be overly greasy, spicy, processed and junk. Fiber rich diet and rice, bananas are effective to cure and prevent nausea.