Kidney Infection Home Remedy: Natural Treatment For Kidney Disease

Kidney infection or pyelonephritis is a bacterial infection of one …

Nephritis Home Remedies | Natural Treatments for Nephritis

To cure nephritis; herbal remedies are effective. For treating this disease; consuming coconut water, eating avocado and intake of carrot and grape juices is beneficial.

Nephritis Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Nephritis

Foods for nephritis disease cure should contain vegetable juices, high fiber fruits. Avoid diet rich in oxalic acid and limit the intake of salt and adopt low sodium diet.

Nephritis Disease Causes | Reasons for Nephritis Ailment

Causes of nephritis include auto-immune disorders, infections, and other diseases. Other reasons are streptococcus bacteria, vasculitis, measles and hepatitis.

Nephritis Disease Symptoms | Signs of Nephritis Ailment

Indications of nephritis are swelling of some of their tissues that may include areas of the face, particularly around the eyes. Other indicators are drop in urine volume.

Preventing Nephritis | How to Prevent Nephritis

For prevention of nephritis, avoiding people suffering from strep throat is required. To avoid nephritis; maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, proper diet.