Symptoms Of Inflamed Nerves: Causes And Treatment Options

Inflammation of nerves in medical terminology is called neuritis. Nerves …

Vestibular Neuritis Causes: Its Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Vestibular neuritis refers to swelling and inflammation of the vestibulocochlear …

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Neuritis Disease Causes | Peripheral, Optic Neuritis Ailment Causes

Causes of neuritis ailment include bacterial and viral infections. Reasons for peripheral neuritis are disorders like diabetes, AIDS, or injury to nerve in the specific area.

Neuritis Disease Symptoms | Optic, Peripheral Neuritis Symptoms

Main symptom of neuritis is the swelling of the nerves. Signs of peripheral and optic neuritis are burning or loss of sensation in nerve and color blindness respectively.

Preventing Neuritis Disease | Prevent Optic, Peripheral Neuritis

For prevention of neuritis, adopt healthy eating habits, exercise regularly and resting. To avoid optic neuritis, protect your eyes from strain whenever possible.

Neuritis Home Remedies | Natural Treatments for Neuritis

Natural cure for neuritis is daily intake of soya milk with honey added to it. To treat neuritis; consume carrot or spinach juice or eat self made fresh soya paste.

Neuritis Diet Treatment | Vitamins, Foods for Neuritis Prevention

Foods to avoid neuritis problem are caffeine products, soft drinks, refined products. To prevent neuritis ailment increase the intake of vitamin A, B complex and C.