Common Causes Of Childhood Obesity: How Can Parents Prevent It?

Childhood obesity has become one of the major health concerns …

What Is Morbid Obesity? Its Symptoms And Treatment Options

Morbid obesity is considered to be a very serious condition, …

Obesity Symptoms | Signs of Obese Body

Indications of obesity are large body size, getting easily tired, catching breathe after some form of physical activity, difficulty in moving body freely and high energy needs.

Preventing Obesity | How to Prevent Overweight, Excess Body Fat

For prevention of obesity, plenty of exercise and avoiding sedentary lifestyle is must. To avoid over weight problem, eat plenty of soluble fibers and drink plenty of water.

Obesity Home Remedies | Natural Treatments for Overweight

To cure obesity, intake of ginger juice mixed with honey is effective as it helps to burn fat and reduce weight. For reducing body fat, consume two pieces of tomato every morning.

Obesity Diet, Nutrition Treatment | Foods to Avoid Overweight

To prevent obesity, eat light meals instead of one big meal. Restrict foods like snacks and instead drink glass of water or munch on fruits and consume lot of fibers.