What Is Atrial Fibrillation? Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

The human heart is divided in four chambers, the left …

Heart Palpitations After Exercise: Its Causes And How To Stop It?

Palpitations occur when your heart beats outside the normal range. …

Preventing Palpitation of Heart | How to Prevent Irregular Heart Beat

For prevention of abnormal heart rhythm, changes in diet and lifestyle is must. To avoid palpitation, refrain from carbonated drinks and stop usage of antidepressants drug.

Heart Palpitation Home Remedies | Natural Treatments for Irregular Heart Beat

To cure abnormal heart rhythm, intake of lemon juice mixed with honey is beneficial. For treating palpitation of heart intake of fruit juices and eating guava on empty stomach is effective.

Heart Palpitation Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Irregular Heart Beats

Balanced diet for abnormal heart rates should be less in carbohydrates and high in proteins. Avoid coffee, soft drinks and consume fruits and vegetables when experiencing palpitation.

Palpitation Causes | Reasons of Irregular, Abnormal Heart Beat

Palpitation i.e. abnormal heart rate causes due to hyper dynamic circulation, sympathetic overdrive occurring due to stress or tension, arrhythmias and adrenaline pumping.