Home Remedies and Prevention for Ulcers in Stomach

Ulcers in stomach or what is commonly called peptic ulcer, …

Peptic Ulcer Causes | Reasons for Peptic Ulcer Disease

Main cause of peptic ulcer is irregular meals, overeating, as well as a knack for bedtime snacks. Other reason is too much consumption of fatty and oily foods.

Peptic Ulcer Symptoms | Signs of Peptic Ulcer Disease

Indications of peptic ulcer are presence of abdominal pain, permanent bloating and abdominal fullness. Other indicators are nausea, appetite loss and frequent vomiting.

Preventing Peptic Ulcer | How to Prevent Peptic Ulcer Disease

For prevention of peptic ulcer, eating light meals at regular intervals instead of large meal is effective. To avoid peptic ulcer, reducing stress and tension is must.

Peptic Ulcer Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Peptic Ulcer

For treatment and prevention of peptic ulcer avoid caffeine products like coffee, tea and soft drinks. To cure peptic ulcer, chew foods properly and eat low fat diet.

Natural Remedies For Peptic Ulcer: Home Cures For Peptic Ulcer

Natural cure for peptic ulcer is eating bananas every day. Other ways of treating are drinking cold milk without sugar and intake of raw goat milk and lime juice.