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Piles Causes | Reasons for Hemorrhoids | Cause of Piles

Reasons for piles are chronic constipation, sitting for long periods. Other causes of hemorrhoids are increased straining during bowel movements, obesity, cigarette smoking.

Piles Symptoms: How To Treat Signs Of Hemorrhoids In Patients

Piles ailment indications are presence of blood in the feces. Other indicators are painful swelling on the anus, irritation and severe itching on the area around the anus.

Preventing Piles Disease | How to Prevent Hemorrhoids

For prevention of piles drink plenty of water, eat a lot of dietary fibers and practicing better sitting posture. To avoid hemorrhoids, wear comfortable clothing.

Piles, Hemorrhoids Diet Treatment | Foods to Avoid Piles Disease

Foods to prevent piles ailment should be rich in fibers. For hemorrhoids prevention; avoid diets like breads, pastries and cakes and reduce consumption of alcohol.