Symptoms Of Mycoplasma Pneumonia: Its Causes And Treatment

Mycoplasma pneumoniae are tiny bacteria that cause mycoplasm pneumonia in …

What is Walking or Atypical Pneumonia and Its Treatments

‘Walking Pneumonia’ is a term used to identify a type …

Causes of Infective and Bacterial Pneumonia | Aspiration Pneumonia Causes

There are 30 pneumonia causes. Reasons of infective pneumonia are infection and inflammation of bronchial tubes and bacterial pneumonia is caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria.

Symptoms of Pneumonia Disease | Infective Pneumonia Signs

Pneumonia infection symptoms are shortness of breath, chills, fever, and cough. Infective pneumonia symptoms are pain at the side of chest during coughing and breathing.

Preventing Pneumonia Disease | How to Prevent Aspiration Pneumonia

For prevention of bacterial or viral pneumonia smoking should be avoided. To control pneumonia disease; perform breathing exercises and reduce use of spraying chemicals.

Natural Treatments for Pneumonia | Natural Cure for Pneumonia

To treat pneumonia disease; consume carrot juice and spinach juice. To get rid of pneumonia raw or cooked ginger, turmeric, black pepper and fenugreek is effective.

Diet, Vitamins for Pneumonia Disease | Foods to Avoid Pneumonia Infection

Pneumonia ailment diet should be rich in Vitamin C like pineapple and oranges and must not include fatty items. Foods rich in antioxidants are good to treat pneumonia.