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Causes of Premature Hair Graying | Premature White Hair Causes

Reasons of early age hair greying are lack of nutrients like vitamin B, iodine, copper and iron. Other causes are emotional factors like jealousy, anxiety, failures.

Symptoms of Premature Hair Greying | Signs of Premature White Hair

Premature hair whitening symptoms are thinning of hair, frequent headaches etc. Signs of early age white hair are complete halt on thick hair growth and brittleness of hair.

Preventing Premature Hair Graying | Prevent Premature White Hair

To avoid premature hair whitening, protect hair from sun, reduce use of electric dryer. For prevention of white hair at an early age; apply henna and amla.

Natural Cures for Premature Hair Greying | Treatments for Premature White Hair

For treating early age white hair; apply Indian gooseberry or amla on the scalp. To treat premature white hair butter made from cow's milk is very effective.

Diet, Vitamins for Premature Grey Hair | Foods for Premature White Hair

To treat premature hair whitening; eat foods rich in para-aminobenzoix acid or PABA, pantothenic acid. For hair graying diet should include yogurt and iron rich foods.