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What Causes Psoriasis Skin Disease | Reasons for Psoriasis Ailment

Genetic causes of psoriasis are nine gene mutations and one of these is PSORS-1 which affects T-helper cells. Psoriasis attack increases due to sun exposure, smoking and alcohol.

Symptoms and Signs of Psoriasis Skin Disease

Easiest way to spot psoriasis is painful itching as well as formation of small red areas on the skin. Other indications are rashes becoming rough to touch.

Preventing Psoriasis Skin Disease | How to Prevent Psoriasis

For prevention of psoriasis skin infection; avoid foods that are rich in spices and chilies and use rock salt in foods. To control psoriasis; stay in a warm climate place.

Natural Treatments for Psoriasis | Cure, Treat Psoriasis Skin Disease

Home remedies for psoriasis are application of sea water, mudpacks on the affected areas and hot Epsom salt bath. For treating; cabbage leaves and aloe vera is effective.