Symptoms and Signs of Pyorrhea Gum Disease

Indications of pyorrhea ailments are swollen and tender gums, teeth becoming loose, inflammation and decaying of gums, itchiness similar to gingivitis.

Pyorrhea Gum Disease Prevention | How to Prevent Pyorrhea

For prevention of pyorrhea; flossing and brushing, regular dental checkups, regular cleaning of teeth and gums, using antiseptic mouthwashes and avoiding plaque buildup.

Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Pyorrhea Gum Disease

For treating pyorrhea gum ailments; home remedy is gargling by boiling mixture of parwal leaves, peepal root, black pepper, ginger, salt and using raw lemon juice.

Diet for Pyorrhea Gum Disease Prevention, Treatment

Foods to avoid pyorrhea; sticky and starch items like tinned, refined, meat and alcohol. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables, fresh carrots and orange juice.

Causes of Pyorrhea Gum Disease | Reasons of Pyorrhea Ailment

Pyorrhea causes due to chemical and physical irritants, too much alcohol consumption and vitamin C deficiency, sticking of food particles in between the teeth.