Causes of Rheumatism Disorder | Reasons of Rheumatism Problem

Primary cause of rheumatism disorder is the existence of toxins in the blood. Other rheumatism causes are heredity, hormonal imbalance, intake of processed foods.

Rheumatism Disorder Symptoms | Chronic Muscular Rheumatism Signs

Common sign of the acute type of rheumatism disorder is pain, soreness and fever. Other indications of muscular rheumatism are stiffness, muscle pain or joint pain.

Preventing Rheumatism Disorder | How to Prevent Rheumatism

For prevention of rheumatism; avoid placing excessive impact or pressure on the affected areas. To avoid rheumatism; do not twist, grip, or clench your hands repeatedly.

Rheumatism Disorder Natural Treatments | Cure Rheumatism Problem

To get relief from rheumatism; juice from bitter gourd and intake of raw potato juice is a good remedy. To treat rheumatism; walnuts and lemon juice is very effective.

Diet, Nutrition for Rheumatism Treatment | Foods to Prevent Rheumatism

Fruit diet for chronic rheumatism should be followed with great amounts of buttermilk, fresh vegetables, and ripe fruits. Avoid fishes, meat, coffee for preventing rheumatism.