What Are Symptoms Of Scurvy Disease: Treating Scurvy At Home

There are number of scurvy symptoms but among the more important are sunken eyes, gradual weakening, tender gums, pale skin, internal bleeding, muscle pain.

How to Prevent Scurvy Disease | Preventing Scurvy Problem

For prevention of scurvy; well balanced diet which is rich in Vitamin C should be consumed. To avoid scurvy; outdoor exercises like cycling, swimming and walking are effective.

Natural Treatment For Scurvy: Herbal Home Remedies For Scurvy

Remedy for scurvy is vitamin C intake which can be obtained from lime or lemon juice. Indian gooseberry and jaundice berry is also a good way to get rid of scurvy problem.

Scurvy Diet Treatment | Vitamins, Nutrients for Scurvy Prevention

To prevent scurvy foods rich in ascorbic acid is effective. Vitamin C, B1 or thiamine rich diet is also beneficial in preventing scurvy whose source include legumes.

What Causes Scurvy Disease | Reasons for Scurvy Problem

Cause of scurvy is vitamin C deficiency. Lack of this nutrient is mainly due to pregnancy, mental stress, surgery etc. People staying in famine-stricken areas were also found to be suffering from scurvy.