Symptoms Of Endometrial Tuberculosis: Causes And Treatment

Tuberculosis remains a major health hazard throughout the world and …

Pulmonary Tuberculosis Symptoms: Causes, Diet And Treatment

Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is an airborne infection affecting the lungs …

What Causes Tuberculosis Disease | Reasons for TB Infection

Cause of tuberculosis or TB ailment is bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Mycobacterium bovis. Other reasons are environmental and physical conditions.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis Infection | Signs of TB Disease

Most common visible symptoms that may indicate a person have TB or tuberculosis include a sudden and unexplained loss of weight, fevers, night sweats, fatigue.

How to Prevent Tuberculosis Disease | Preventing TB Infection

To avoid tuberculosis types; getting vaccinated with a TB vaccine which helps in prevention of the disease spread. For controlling TB; BCG vaccine is also given.

Natural Treatments for Tuberculosis Disease | Cure for TB Infection

For treating tuberculosis ailment; celery leaves juice is an excellent home remedy. To treat TB; mixture of carrot juice, honey, mint juice and malt vinegar is effective.

Diet for Tuberculosis Disease Treatment | Foods to Avoid TB Infection

Foods to cure tuberculosis are legumes, orange vegetables, dark green vegetables, starchy vegetables and potassium rich. Avoid diet which is very salty.