Solar Urticaria Symptoms: Its Causes And Homeopathic Remedies

Solar urticaria is a rare skin disorder wherein, when one …

Causes Of Papular Urticaria: Its Symptoms And Natural Remedies

Papular urticaria is a condition characterized by red itchy bumps …

What Causes Urticaria | Hives, Nettle Rash Causes | Reasons of Wheals

Urticaria or welts causes due to medications side effects. Other reasons for these skin rashes are emotions, feeling overly shy or excited or due to bug bites.

Symptoms of Urticaria, Hives | Signs of Nettle Rash, Wheals

Symptoms of welts are rashes appearing on certain parts of the body having different shapes with red shade. These wheals signs are reddish or pink or round or oval.

Preventing Urticaria, Hives | How to Prevent Nettle Rash, Wheals

For prevention of welts; stay away from allergens and foods that cause their break out. To avoid urticaria; adopt healthy lifestyle, exercise and get plenty of rest to the body.

Natural Treatments for Urticaria: How To Cure Hives At Home

To get rid of urticaria skin rashes; home remedies are very effective. Treat wheals or welts by soaking affected part in a tub of lukewarm water, cornstarch and baking soda.

Diet for Urticaria Treatment | Foods to Avoid Hives or Nettle Rash

For treating and preventing urticaria; diet should contain high amount of Vitamin C which increases immunity and resistance. Avoid dairy products, alcoholic beverages.