Acupuncture For Irregular Periods: Acupuncture Points For Treatment

Irregular periods can be associated with a host of factors including dietary, lifestyle and hormonal. While there are several treatment options for the management of irregular periods, acupuncture has emerged as one of the best alternative for its treatment. This article provides all the relevant information about acupuncture and how to use it effectively for the management of menstrual irregularities.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique which is considered to be effective in the management of a wide range of health ailments. Menstrual irregularities like scanty periods, heavy periods, intermittent periods, etc are some of the most common gynecological disorders. While there are several treatment therapies available for the management of these conditions, acupuncture provides long term and sustained relief.

Different Types Of Irregular Periods

As per eastern medicine and acupuncture therapy, menstrual irregularities can be classified into three broad groups- early periods, late periods and chaotic periods. Each of these categories have different causative factors based on which the treatment regimen for acupuncture is designed.

  • Early periods are caused due to Qi deficiency which holds the blood in its place and results in weakness which can lead to early periods.
    Congealed blood is believed to obstruct the uterus and prevent free flowing of blood leading to heavy and early periods.
  • Late periods are linked with Qi constrain which are associated with emotional disturbances and dietary involvement.
  • Chaotic periods are linked with SP deficiency which prevents the blood from being held in the blood vessels result in bleeding or LV and KD exhaustion which is associated with multiple childbirths.

Acupuncture Points For Irregular Menstruation Treatment

There are certain acupuncture points that are considered to be very useful in the management of the different types of menstrual irregularities. Here is some information about some of the important points,

  • Mansion cottage is a point which is located in the pelvic region in the middle portion of the crease which joins the trunk of the body to the legs. This point helps reduce menstrual problems like abdominal pain and cramps
  • Sea of Energy is another point which is located along the mid line of the trunk, about two fingers below the belly button. This point helps in treatment of irregular menstrual periods, discharge and a host of other reproductive disorders.
  • Sacral points are multiple points that are located along the bottom of the spine. These points help in treatment of lower back pain and a host of menstrual irregularities. Experts suggest that a few minutes of firm and steady pressure on these points can help relax the uterus and aid in reducing menstrual pain.
  • Womb and Vitals is another point which is located on either sides of the sacral bone about two finger widths away. The point is located midway between the base of the buttocks and the hipbone. Pressing this point can relive tension, menstrual cramps and urinary problems associated with menstrual irregularities.
  • Gate Origin is a point which is located along the mid line of the abdomen about four fingers underneath the belly button. Stimulating this point can help deal with menstrual irregularities, abnormal discharge and menstrual cramps.
  • Rushing Door is another point which is located in the crease that is formed where the leg meets the trunk of the body. This helps relieve abdominal discomfort and menstrual cramps.

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