Causes Of Chipmunk Cheeks: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally?

Chipmunk cheeks are typically associated with excessive plumpness or deposition of fat around the jaw bone. While this is common in children and babies, it can be embarrassing among adults. Chipmunk cheeks in adults would typically give the appearance of being overweight and can lead to loss of self confidence among individuals.

There are a host of factors that are linked with chipmunk cheeks among adults,

  • Genetics or constitutional structure of an individual is considered to be preliminary cause for this.
  • Kidney disorders, hypertension, excessive intake of salt or hormonal disorders impact normal metabolism. Altered metabolism causes retention of water leading to chipmunk cheeks.
  • Predisposition of obesity can act as other high risk contributing factor.

Other less frequent causes include mumps or infected wisdom tooth. In such cases, chipmunk cheeks are associated with symptoms of pain and fever. Some suggest that individuals suffering from HIV or Lupus tend to develop chipmunk cheeks. This is attributed to the high intake of steroids for treatment of the condition.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunk Cheeks Naturally?

Here are some important tips to lose chipmunk cheeks naturally,

  • Losing weight is important to help reduce the accumulation of fat around the cheeks.
    However it is important to have a proper weight loss program. Combine a strong exercise regimen with the diet regimen to see the improvement.
  • Avoid junk foods, processed foods and even refined foods. Opt for fresh and organic foods. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Reduce hydrogenated oils and opt for olive oil.
  • Including foods like bell pepper and honey can boost the natural metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate leads to burn down of adipose tissue, especially around the cheeks.
  • Restrict in intake of salt in your diet. Reduce foods containing preservatives like butter, cheese, pickles, etc. Salt can lead to water retention, which in turn results in chipmunk cheeks.
  • Drink water generously. Water helps flush out the toxins and improves metabolic processes. Ensure that you include up to 3 liters of fluid in your diet each day.
  • Simple facial exercises can help reduce adipose tissue around the cheeks. Moving the lower jaw sideways or opening the mouth wide, as if yawning are simple and helpful techniques. These techniques will not only firm the facial skin but also help sharpen the features. Alternatively, massaging the face improves blood supply, which in turn burns down fat around the jaws.
  • Detoxification regimens like lemon juice diet for 3 days helps detoxify the body. The regimen requires drinking only lemon juice for at least three consecutive days. The regimen helps eliminate toxins and improves metabolism. Detoxification is crucial component of a weight loss regimen.
  • Homeopathic drugs like Phytollaca and Lycopodium are very useful. Both these drugs act on the endocrinal glands and liver to improve digestion and metabolism. This in turn helps burn down excess of adipose tissue in the body.

If all these simple natural techniques fail, surgery can be considered as an alternative. Though surgical intervention is associated with risk of complications, in most cases, it is very effective. The treatment options like liposuction are actually very expensive and hence can be afforded by only a few.

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